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Elementary Clerk/Noon Supervisor/Tutor - Lakeville Area Public Schools

Posted on 8/12/2017 2:58:00 PM

Listing expires 9/9/2017

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Date of Availability: 09/05/2017
Date Closing: 08/18/2017 @ 4:00 pm
Non-Licensed Position
John F. Kennedy Elementary School
Elementary Clerk/Noon Supervisor/Tutor – 3.5 hours per day (additional .5 hours per day may be added during the winter months)  
2.5 hours per day Elementary Clerk – 178 days per year (includes 5 paid holidays)
.75 hours per day Noon Supervisor – 176 days per year (includes 5 paid holidays)
.25 hours per day Intervention Services Tutor – 149 days per year (includes 5 paid holidays)
Position begins 9/5/2017
Position Description/Qualifications:
1. The purpose of this position is to support the elementary staff in the smooth and efficient running of the elementary school.  
2. A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
3. Office experience preferred
4. Knowledge of word processing and computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Apple Works and Excel
5. Must possess good interpersonal and communication skills
6. Technical skills to be able to operate and troubleshoot all copy machines, fax machines, printers, laminators and binding machines.
7. See attached job description.
8. Salary and benefits in accord with the Agreement with the Lakeville Educational Assistants Federation.
Position Description/Qualifications – Tutor (Title 1 and Intervention Services):
1. AA college degree or 2 years of college required.  Training or experience working with children in a group tutorial and supervisory setting.
2. Interpersonal skills that lend themselves to a compatible working relationship with students and other adults in the workplace as determined by the principal.
3. Ability to assist students in learning basic elementary school curriculum.
4. Maintain the same high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality as is expected of fully licensed teachers.
5. See attached job description.
6. Performs other duties as assigned by the Learning Specialist and the Principal.
Position Description/Qualifications – Noon Supervisor:
1. High school diploma or equivalent
2. Able to work outdoors in various kinds of weather for 20 – 30 minutes
3. Responsible for physical safety and emotional behavior of an entire grade level while supervising students on the playground, cafeteria and classroom.  This includes implementing discipline plans when necessary.
Elementary Clerk and Noon Supervision positions are classified A-1-1, 2016-2017 starting salary $13.24 per hour**
Tutor position is classified as B-2-1, 2016-2017 starting salary $$16.23 per hour**
***Subject to change with the completion of the 2017-19 negotiations with the Lakeville Educational Assistants Federation
Apply online @ https://phl.applitrack.com/isd194/onlineapp/ with District Application, resume & cover letter.
Application Deadline:  August 18, 2017 @ 4:00 pm

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