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Math Teacher, Middle School, 1.0 FTE - North Lakes Academy, Forest Lake

Posted on 5/18/2017 7:09:40 AM

Listing expires 6/15/2017

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The Mission of North Lakes Academy is to graduate students who are confident, skilled scholars and citizens. Our expectation is that students and teachers excel in core academic and artistic disciplines, develop a sense of purpose and path, and value a united community built through appreciation of diversity.


Since 1999, North Lakes Academy has provided a personalized learning environment designed to meet a wide variety of academic needs. With strong core subjects and a full complement of liberal arts courses, NLA provides quality learning in a responsive learning atmosphere.  In 2008, NLA was granted approval from the state of Minnesota to expand to serve students in grades 5-12. The first graduating class was the class of 2011.


North Lakes Academy is one of the oldest charter schools in Minnesota, one of the last teacher-run school boards in the United States located in a large land-area district on the border between suburban and rural Minnesota.



+ We help students discover their passions and stay confident learners throughout their lives.

+ We work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment that is thoughtful about designing reflection and resetting time for teachers and students.

+ We think about what we can do better and faster than other area schools on a daily basis and learn quickly from other models of innovation (See our Becoming Program for one example).

+ We’re a friendly and creative team with diverse backgrounds, who are all really kids, parents, coaches, and entrepreneurs at heart.

+ We’re an interesting school that feels more like a startup, a workshop, and a family.

+ We’re close to Highway 35 and easily accessible from the metro area or surrounding suburbs (Many teachers commute from the cities, surrounding suburbs, and even Wisconsin).

+ We design flexible professional development experiences.

+ We provide exceptional medical and dental benefits.

+ We work with teachers to choose a personalized technology setup.



+Appropriate MN Licensure required (5-8 mathematics)



+Teach pre-algebra, algebra and geometry courses for grades seven and eight

+Build positive, healthy and effective relationships with students, families, and colleagues

+Deliver a math program that will equip students to excel in the 21st Century

+Design engaging, relevant and rigorous curriculum in the area of mathematics

+Deliver well-planned and differentiated lessons each and every day

+Display and sustain a passion for your subject area

+Drive achievement and growth for all students toward deep understanding and mastery of skills


Skills and Star Qualities

+Demonstrable experience designing personalized math curriculum

+Ability to see the bigger picture while executing strategically every day

+Direct experience helping kids learn by doing in innovative ways

+Collaboration within the department and between disciplines

+Growth mindset based on problem-seeing and problem-owning


To Apply

To apply for the position, please submit, via e-mail, your application, professional résumé, cover letter, three reference letters, and your teaching license to Executive Director Cam Stottler at cstottler@northlakesacademy.org. The application may be found on our website at www.northlakesacademy.org



1. Share a story about an innovative project you worked on: What was the project, why was it innovative, and what happened?

2. Tell me about a time when you needed (your boss/your peer/your student) to do something they didn’t initially want to do. What’s the situation, what did you get them to do, and how did you do it?

3. What schools or companies are doing breakthrough learning? Who are they, what are they doing, and why is it breakthrough?

4. Tell me a time when you had to “sell in” a new strategy to (your boss/your peer/your student). What was the strategy and how did you sell it in

5. What was the last hard thing you taught yourself, either at work or in your non-work life?

6. What leadership skills are you working on? What skills are you trying to develop to be more effective? What have you done to develop that skill?

Mr. Andrew Brandt
North Lakes Academy
Middle School Building Lead

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