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Occupational Therapist, Short-term - Independent School District 15

Posted on 9/8/2017 11:56:07 AM

Listing expires 10/6/2017

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Date of Availability: 09/28/2017
Date Closing: Open Until Filled
Application Procedure:  To be considered for this vacancy, applicant must complete the on-line application process and indicate interest in this specific job number. 
Duty Days Per Year:  8 weeks; 9/28/17 - 11/22/17
Hours Per Day:

Salary: According to the Teachers Work Agreement

Supervisor of Position:  Sonni Sellner, Supervisor of Special Services
  • Master's degree in Occupational Therapy; completion of assigned clinical experience associated with Master's program.
  • Licensed by the State of MN as a Registered Occupational Therapist. Requires a MN driver's license or evidence of equivalent mobility. 
  • Knowledge of school and department policies, procedures, guidelines and philosophy.
  • Knowledge of concepts, principles and fundamentals and techniques of occupational therapy.
  • Knowledge of human/child development, human anatomy and physiology with emphasis on muscular-skeletal, circulatory and nervous systems.
  • Knowledge of assessment and evaluation processes, tests and procedures. • Knowledge of disabilities and medical conditions.
  • Knowledge of occupational therapy techniques adapted to the educational setting.
  • Knowledge of laws, rules and regulations governing students with disabilities in Minnesota Public Schools, and local rules and regulations governing services to students with disabilities and due process.
  • COTAs will be considered for this position. 
Summary of Duties:  
Under the direction of the Director of Special Services, the Occupational Therapist is responsible for planning, implementing and providing direct occupational services to children with special educational needs to assist them improve, develop, restore, or maintain their participation in school work, self-help or play in educational environments consistent with state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines. Incumbents are responsible for implementing occupational therapy services as delineated by the IEP and for assisting student meet IEP goals and objectives. Essential duties outlined below are intended as “representative” examples of the level, nature and decision making expected of positions assigned to this classification. The duties below are not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all duties and tasks performed by the employees assigned to this classification. A classification description, unlike job description or position description, is designed to capture the general expectations, complexity level, and nature of work of any position that may be allocated to this classification.

Essential Responsibilities
  1. Delivers and provides direct and indirect occupational services, training and therapy to students in the use and care of adaptive equipment, curriculum materials, behavioral plans and environmental/physical functioning in collaboration with special education teaching personnel. • Provides services to students 1:1 in or out of the classroom or in small sessions in the resource room. • Structures the environment, as much as possible, in classrooms, playgrounds, cafeteria or home. • Collaborates and works with staff and family members in directing the therapy of students and in assisting them provide support to the student(s).
  2. Conducts assessments and conducts appropriate evaluations of student physical functioning and the impact of any physical impairment(s) on the student’s education and educational performance. • Receives and reviews student referrals. • Conducts, administers, scores and interprets assessments for children/students with gross motor, fine motor, self-help and sensory concerns and issues. • Determines student eligibility for services and writes up assessments, summary reports and evaluations.
  3. Collaborates with and participates with other licensed staff, parents, administrators, case managers and others in the development, revision and monitoring of a student’s IEP (Individual Educational Plan). Plans age appropriate and appropriate interventions to address student individual needs and/or Individual Family Service Plans. • Determines client needs, outcomes and how these can be met. • Maintains all case management records, case records, progress notes, case documentation, and other records required by local, state or federal agencies. • Reviews occupational therapy services for quality improvement and makes changes as needed to ensure quality of services.
  4. Provides adaptations of equipment to improve a student’s ability to participate independently within their environment.
  5. Consults with instructional staff and educational assistants to provide appropriate programming, support, tools, etc. to increase the student’s educational success within the classroom.
  6. Educates students and families to facilitate skills and areas of occupation


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