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Technology Education Teacher - Learning for Leadership Charter School

Posted on 8/8/2017 1:33:02 PM

Listing expires 9/5/2017

(ADA/Text Version)

Learning for Leadership Charter School


Position: K-12 Technology Education: Keyboarding and Design Teacher and Advisor


The educational focus of Learning for Leadership Charter School (LLCS) is to engage students in their own learning and to improve student academic and social emotional achievement. LLCS intentionally combines student acquisition of academic and SEL skills with project based learning, service learning, and the development of leadership skills opportunities.


LLCS is an exciting charter school serving grades K through 12, located in Northeast Minneapolis. Opened in the fall of 2006, LLCS is a diverse public school serving approximately 260 students from the Minneapolis area. Offering small class size and individualized learning, LLCS is designed to support and nurture each student in a safe and encouraging environment.


Reports to:  Director



§  Holds current and valid Minnesota Teaching License

§  Commitment to the philosophy that all students can learn

§  Has experience with/training in Responsive Classroom or Restorative Justice

§  Has the capacity to create a classroom environment that emphasizes and supports literacy and critical thinking skills across all content areas

§  Has experience with multi-aged classes

§  Has experience with traditional and alternative assessments methods

§  Demonstrates a clear understanding of instruction and child development

§  Knowledge of project-based learning, service learning, and inquiry

§  Flexibility in relating to students and program needs

§  Ability to be a productive team player with staff, administration, and parents 



§  Develop instruction and curriculum design that reflects project based educational philosophy, practices, and meets individual student needs and the Minnesota Standards and graduation requirements

§  Maintain a professional teaching profile that adheres to and reflects the Minnesota Statutes for the Minnesota Standards of Teaching and the Minnesota Teacher’s Code of Ethics.

§  Develop and maintain an environment conducive to learning

§  Incorporates positive behavior classroom management

§  Maintain accurate records of individual student:  work, achievement, test scores, assessments, attendance, credits earned and required to meet graduation requirements

§  Prepare timely accurate written reports (includes report cards and transcripts) to be mailed and saved electronically on all aspects of student progress for parents/guardians and students for each class and activity, mid-quarter, quarter, and Learner Year attended.

§  Model the habits of a responsible learner through positive relationships, respectful behavior, and enjoyment of learning

§  Help students become self-directed, independent learners

§  Use a wide range of developmentally appropriate instructional strategies to engage students

§  Integrate and differentiate curriculum  and methodologies across academic disciplines

§  Use a variety of assessments and data to evaluate students and to drive instruction

§  Incorporate inclusion of all students into the classroom utilizing ELL objectives and Special Education accommodations into daily lessons

§  Differentiate instruction and curriculum to meet individual needs of students

§  Recognize learning difficulties of students and seek assistance as needed

§  Communicate regularly and timely with all parents/guardians about student academic progress, credits earned and required toward graduation, and social progress through conferences, phone calls, meetings, home visits, etc.

§  Communicate and advise regularly and timely with all students regarding their academic progress, credits earned and required for graduation, and goal setting

§  Communicate openly and effectively with all staff

§  Maintain knowledge of current and emerging trends, procedures, assessment and evaluation processes

§  Collaborative approach to working with a diverse population of children and families

§  Develop plans with students as needed to provide support in order for each student be successful

§  Participation in all aspects of the school program and community; this includes school committees, parent/student conferences, parent meetings, staff development, professional goal setting, staff meetings, and school activities

§  Comfortable and able to work collaboratively with staff, team teaching, multi-aged and multi-year classrooms

§  Teach in ways that are directed to utilize interactive, hands on, project based activities, and promote critical thinking skills

§  Draw on and utilize current research for assessment and evaluation

§  Use assessment and evaluation to improve learning and instruction, this includes using a variety of student work for base line data

§  Assume responsibility and actively participate in all required meetings, i.e. PLC, staff, team, committee, etc.

§  Commit to on-going researched based professional development and participate in professional development, self-assessment, and evaluation

§  Develop, document, and actively pursue personal professional development  goals

§  Participate in in-service program planning and staff development


To apply for this position please email or send a resume and cover letter to:


Nick Beecher, Principal



 or mail to:


Learning for Leadership Charter School

c/o Nick Beecher

3300 5th Street NE

Minneapolis, MN  55418