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Elementary Education Teacher or Teacher with licensure in STEM area, full time, gr 4-5 STARBASE Minn

Posted on 5/16/2017 6:29:41 PM

Listing expires 6/13/2017

(ADA/Text Version)

Seeking Full Time Elementary Education Teacher or Teacher with Licensure in a STEM area

Description:  STARBASE Minnesota is a leading educational nonprofit organization founded in 1993 whose purpose is to inspire and educate youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  Through engaging, authentic curriculum —designed and implemented by the STARBASE instructor team — combined with state-of-the-art technologies in an exciting, innovative and immersive STEM learning environment, STARBASE programs exemplify the best of educational curriculum and practices programs in high demand by area schools and districts.   


STARBASE serves over 3,500 fourth and fifth graders/year in three separate 20-hour, five day programs held during the school day each school year and summer — STARS 1 (4th grade), STARS 2 (5th grade), and the Summer Next Generation Program (grades 4-5).   STARBASE Minnesota partners with approximately 33 area schools from six school districts to provide exciting, innovative, standards-based programs.  Volunteers from nearly 20 area STEM corporations participate in various aspects of the program.  A 5th grade St. Paul teacher recently wrote, “My students are super excited about learning in STARBASE’s high-tech, hands-on, science-focused environment with energetic, inspiring teachers. Parents are shocked that STARBASE exists and spread the word that kids at my school do the COOLEST things. You help our enrollment!”


STARBASE’s target audience during the school year is rich in diversity — language, culture, and learning.  Classes maintain a 16:1 student/teacher ratio creating an outstanding environment for differentiated learning and student success.  STARBASE students’ average pre to posttest improvement is 84%; 97% of students reported STARBASE made learning fun; 94% reported an increased interest in STEM; and 91% of over one hundred teachers participating in STARBASE over the last year gave STARBASE the highest rating of “excellent” (9% very good).  There is a long waiting list of schools to attend because STARBASE programs are exciting, STEM is integrated in “real world” ways, curriculum is relevant and aligned with state standards and the instructor team is top notch. Schools consistently report that STARBASE programs help them achieve outstanding student outcomes in STEM in ways they are unable to.  Due to several exciting initiatives, STARBASE instructor positions provide opportunities for professional growth, development and leadership in several other areas from the start, something less commonly found in other educational settings.


STARBASE Instructor positions combine 4 hours of teaching per day along with curriculum and assessment development with other responsibilities related to STARBASE Minnesota’s STEM programs and organization.  Aptitude in science, math and technology and in developing lessons/curriculum essential; engineering helpful but not required (often learned on job).  Applicants must be licensed in the State of Minnesota, must have a strong passion for teaching/learning STEM and in helping students succeed, have a strong interest and enthusiasm in STEM, have an excellent work ethic, and can communicate well with team members and with stakeholders.  They must enjoy continuous improvement, creativity and innovation in their work.  


Funding for STARBASE is from Department of Defense, the State of Minnesota, local STEM corporations and individuals.  There are 61 other STARBASE sites in the country in 40 states; STARBASE Minnesota is the only STARBASE site in Minnesota and is one of the largest STARBASE sites in any one location. 


Position and Start Date:  This 40 hour/week instructor position starts August 2017 with training depending upon availability.


Areas of Teacher Licensure may be among the following:  Elementary Education K-6; Middle School Science 5-8; Middle School Math 5-8; Secondary Science; STEM Certification; other related.


Location, Hours, Calendar, Other:  STARBASE is located by the Mpls/St. Paul International Airport.  STARBASE is a year-round program.  Regular hours are 7:30-4:00 during the school year. Summer start time is 6:45am Monday-Thursdays; Friday end time is 10-11am.  STARBASE offers excellent benefits and a generous holiday and vacation package which includes an additional two weeks off for winter holidays, two weeks in August, plus additional vacation/holidays. 


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Utilizing a variety of instructional strategies that meet the needs of diverse learners and build on students’ natural curiosity to explore, create and problem-solve, teach STARBASE STEM programs to students, grades 4-6.   
  • Research, develop and implement cutting edge curriculum in STEM that is reflective of STARBASE Minnesota’s mission and goals, is in alignment with state and national standards, and incorporates effective practices in teaching and learning.  Integrate the application of “real world” experiences and help students broaden their awareness of careers.
  • Evaluate and continuously improve own instructional methods and strategies, engage in individual and team reflective practice; Evaluate and continuously improve and innovate with STARBASE programs and curriculum based on assessment data, evaluations, observations, customer feedback and bringing in new ideas.
  • Develop and/or continuously improve STEM assessments by analyzing pre and post test results, teacher evaluations, student surveys, and standards and research
  • Enter and analyze participant and outcome data.  Provide reports as needed.
  • Public relations skills – work with teachers, parents, volunteers, corporate and community partners; relay STEM messaging; Provide demonstrations, training and presentations in the community and at STARBASE Board meetings
  • Other non-teaching, program-related projects depending upon candidate’s skills & qualifications.  Additional areas of work may be among the following STARBASE areas: STARBASE Clubhouse, educational technologies, liaison with schools, hosting pre-service educators for field experiences, STARBASE 2.0 mentoring program, working with other STEM nonprofits on project, other.
  • Excellent skills, interest and/or aptitude in technology and/or strong desire to learn a plus.



  • Bachelor’s degree and valid elementary or secondary teaching license; STEM licensure a plus
  • Experienced in curriculum development and evaluation, STEM curriculum a plus 
  • Education, training and/or experience in physical sciences or engineering a plus 
  • Interest and aptitude in technology, including computer a wide range of software.
  • Working knowledge of MN State Graduation Standards; knowledge of national standards a plus.
  • Interest and desire to learn grade-level appropriate engineering design software and applications
  • Technology skills required; experienced in various educational applications a plus
  • Ability to work with students who are culturally and ethnically diverse, who have a variety of learning styles, and who may have limited English speaking and/or writing skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


To apply see http://www.starbasemn.org/about-us-2/employment/

1.    Fill out STARBASE application and submit (available at link above)

2.    Follow instructions to submit via email:

o    cover letter and resume

o    letters of recommendation

o    transcripts if recent graduate


Or send all of the above through hard mail to: Kim Van Wie, Executive Director and Melanie Peters, Program Manager, STARBASE Minnesota, 659 Mustang Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55111