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Health and Physical Education Teacher - Laura Jeffrey Academy

Posted on 8/7/2017 4:26:41 PM

Listing expires 9/4/2017

(ADA/Text Version)

LAURA JEFFREY ACADEMY is the first STEM-focused urban middle school in MN with a comprehensive liberal arts, girl-focused curriculum.  Our purpose is to provide a unique and stimulating education environment where students are free – to explore their potential, discover their brilliance and develop their intellect.  We are looking for educators committed to social justice and equity in learning for all students. If you are an educator who thinks out of the box, loves to collaborate with others, we would love to hear from you. Teachers of color are encouraged to apply. We are committed to serving a diverse population of students and families.



Provide quality physical education, health and wellness curriculum, instruction and assessment aligned with state and national standards while working in an interdisciplinary setting. Provide comprehensive sexuality education for all students at LJA.



Share your expertise, enthusiasm and passion for learning

·         Articulate a vision of how physical education and the health/wellness program can be designed to help students construct positive, physically strong and healthy bodies and confident self concepts.

·         Possess knowledge of the ways in which the feminist movement has impacted the disciplines of physical education and health/wellness.

·         Teach physical education and health/wellness through feminist perspectives and practice.

·         Integrate critical literacy skills into course content - curriculum, instruction and assessment.

·         Possess knowledge of what is best practice in educating the adolescent learner climate, content and pedagogy.


Understand and articulate school-wide curriculum, instructional and assessment approaches

·      Understand the theories and research that underlie and support the schools curriculum and instructional approaches.

·      Be able to articulate to stakeholders what those theories look like when put into teacher and student practice.

·      Participate with enthusiasm in thematic and collaborative curriculum planning; align disciplinary standards to LJA power standards and plan curriculum, instruction and assessment with the LJA Principles in mind.


Implement school-wide curriculum, instructional and assessment approaches

·         Create a four year plan for delivery of adolescent appropriate human growth and development curriculum, instruction and assessment.

·         Create constructivist, UbD-designed instructional units to deliver content standards in physical education and health/wellness.

·         Post a weekly schedule of class content for students and parents both outside classroom door and on the LJA website.

·         Write learning targets that make intended learning clear and motivating to students.

·         Use assessment FOR learning strategiesongoing assessment that increases student competence and confidence making clear to students what quality work looks like.

·         Engage in constant reflective practices, individually and with peers, to improve the quality of your professional practice.

Work collaboratively with staff and parents to ensure progress of all students

·         Whenever possible, align and connect the learning in physical education and health/wellness with the content being learned in all other classes.

·         Communicate regularly and on demand with parents about individual student progress.

·      Work with the Special Education and ELL support team to deliver adapted curriculum to meet the needs of individual students.

·      Participate in IEP meetings, Student Support Teams, and Problem Solving Team meetings.


Model a safe and healthy learning environment and professional work culture

·   Understand and model LJA principles with staff; when you fall short work earnestly to right your own behavior.

·   Expect colleagues to ask hard questions and give effective support.

·   Understand and model LJA principles with students and parents, board, and community.

·   Communicate with students and parents on an on-going and timely basis regarding student progress and achievement on academic and non-academic goals.

·   Co-create an LJA professional work culture w/peers on a daily basis:

On-time, participate fully during the school day, practice ladder of inference,” demonstrate

passion for learning, solution oriented problem-solver, entrepreneurial spirit, invested in the long-term growth of LJA.




MN Licensed Teacher (PE & Health)

Passion for working with 5th 8th grade students

Strategic and systemic thinker

Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing

Committed to ongoing professional and personal development

Inherent belief in the ability of all students to learn and achieve success




Experience with interdisciplinary teaching and learning

Experience working collaboratively with a team of teachers/staff

Experience working with Middle school students in an urban setting

Experience developing standards based curriculum and authentic assessment tools to measure student understanding



Send cover letter and resume (with each file saved with your name in the title) to:   hr@laurajeffreyacademy.org,

fax to 651-414-6006 or mail to

LJA, 1550 Summit Ave, St. Paul, MN  55105   

Position starts July 31, 2017, open until filled. 


Affirmative Action Policy:

Laura Jeffrey Academy will not deny anyone the opportunity for employment because of sex, race, religion, color, creed, national origin, marital status, age, sexual preference, disability or status with regard to public assistance.

Laura Jeffrey Academy is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action School District