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Elementary School Administrator - Grove/Marine Area Community Schools

Posted on 3/6/2017 2:22:37 PM

Listing expires 4/3/2017

(ADA/Text Version)

School Administrator Position Description

Grove Elementary: A Marine Area Community School

Location: Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota
Grades/Students (at capacity): 175 students in Kindergarten through 6th grade
Status:  Approved to open in 2017; Authorizer is The Minnesota Guild


Marine Area Community School will utilize the natural resources, history, arts, and civic stewardship of the community to create and sustain a student-centered, teacher-designed, and community-supported learning environment.

At Marine Area Community School, our community is our curriculum. The school is nestled in natural amenities and part of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, supported by a civically engaged, multi-generational community and inspired by local artists, craftsmen and community members, the School will provide its students with a strong foundation for civic engagement, responsible leadership and lifelong learning. Marine Area Community School is where academics lead to grounded, resilient children and a stronger, healthier community.

A Note about Grove Elementary’s Governance Structure and Teacher-Powered Philosophy

Grove Elementary will be teacher-powered! To learn more about what makes a teacher-powered school unique, please visit www.teacherpowered.org. At a teacher-powered school, teachers have the collective autonomy to make decisions influencing the school. You can learn more about these areas of autonomy here.

The school administrator reports directly to the board and will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the School. The responsibilities of this position include management of the Federal Charter School Program (CSP) Grant, work with the financial services consultant, compliance and reporting, facility management, technology, transportation, marketing/outreach, parent volunteer management, and support teaching team members, including but not limited to organizing and facilitating professional development.

The teaching team reports directly to the board and will have the responsibility to develop, implement, and evaluate the learning program, identify needed professional development, set the school schedule and teacher hours, evaluate colleagues, determine and broaden assessments, and promote positive discipline. (See full teacher position description.)

The teaching team and school administrator will share the responsibility to hire according to set staff pattern, nurture and capitalize on leadership and strengths of every member of the school community, and continue to employ colleagues based on their willingness and ability to participate positively in the classroom and the school community. Together they will define performance standards (and a basis for termination of staff, with the exception of the school administrator) based on levels of performance in these areas: planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, professional responsibilities. They will determine school-level policy, set the budget, determine compensation, and address issues in direct and respectful ways.

Title: School Administrator

General Summary

As a place-based learning environment and one purposefully centered on being teacher-powered, the School Administrator of the Marine Area Community School must be the primary steward of a collaborative and robust teaching and learning environment. Supported by the board and community, the School Administrator will be charged with ensuring a unique and magnetic culture that empowers educators and celebrates the distinct attributes of all students and the learning environments.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The School Administrator reports directly to the Board of Directors and will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the School. The responsibilities of this position include:

  • Maintain established community partnerships. Seek and foster new partnerships.
  • Parent input and volunteer management.
  • Support teaching team members, including but not limited to organizing and facilitating professional development.
  • Evaluate non-teaching staff.
  • Work with financial management and services consultant and special education consultant.
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Facility management
  • Technology, transportation, nutrition services management
    Marketing and outreach
  • Grants Management, including but not limited to the CSP grant.

The School Administrator will work closely and collaboratively with the teaching team at the School. The School Administrator and teaching team will share the following responsibilities:

  • Set staff pattern, hire colleagues, and define performance standards and terminate colleagues (except for the school administrator) based on those standards
  • Determine school-level policy.
  • Set the budget and determine compensation.

Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  1. Demonstrated leadership in a nonprofit or academic organization.
  2. Strong and positive communication, facilitation and leadership skills are necessary in order to work effectively with a wide range of people and their talents throughout the school and community. High levels of judgement, initiative and creativity are expected.
  3. Demonstrable evidence of the ability to empower and inspire others. Must have a collaborative and supportive leadership style.
  4. Interest in the environment, arts, history, and civic engagement that is demonstrated through professional experiences, volunteerism and/or in hobbies.
  5. Must love children and embrace the opportunity to support their individual learning, growth and development.
  6. Ten years of related work experience and/or Master’s Degree.

Salary and Contract

A competitive compensation and benefits package will be negotiated commensurate with experience and qualifications. Applicants are asked to describe their salary and contract expectations in submitted materials.

This position will be paid on an as-needed hourly basis during the start-up period until commencement of the permanent position later summer 2017.

To Apply for this Opportunity

  • Complete the on-line application.
  • Submit a resume in Microsoft Word or .pdf format.
    • References will be requested after the initial interview.
  • Submit a response to the Primary Duties and Responsibilities, and Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required sections in Microsoft Word or .pdf format.
    • Please include your work schedule, salary, and contract expectations.

Position will remain open until filled. The hiring committee will begin reviewing responses and set interview dates starting end of business on February 28th, 2017.

Please submit any questions regarding this position description or the Marine Area Community School to info@marineareaschool.org.

Thank you for your interest in this unique and inspirational leadership opportunity!

Grove Elementary: A Marine Area Community School
PO Box 178
Marine on St Croix, MN 55047