• Effective March 25th, 2024, new submissions to EdPost will be active for one week (7 days). 
  • Postings will not be changed or removed. Corrections can be made when reposting a position after it expires. 
  • Postings may be resubmitted as many times as necessary with a minimum interval of 7 days between postings.
  • Submissions from unrecognized email addresses will be subject to a one week delay for manual review.
  • EdPost ID Numbers are now visible on the site when viewing your post, just under the position title.



Instructions for Employers

To submit positions for posting on EdPost follow the steps below.



Posts cannot be changed or removed within those 7 days so please review your submission carefully.


  1. From your institutional email address, send an email to: EdPost@stcloudstate.edu
  2. Subject Line

    The Subject Line should consist of the title of your position followed by the name of your institution. The subject line of the e-mail will be the visible posting title.

    Subject Line Example: Elementary Education Teacher, 1st Grade – Burnsville School
    Do not use the subject Please Post. Do not include salary information in subject line.
  3. Type the position description in the body of the email.
    • Copy it from a Word document or type the information directly into the message part of your email. Copying from Google docs and other doc sharing platforms can cause formatting issues.
    • Only include what you want applicants to see.
    • Remove your email signature if you do not want this included.
    • Include a brief description of the position, qualifications sought, instructions on how to apply and the application deadline. If there is a degree/licensure required or preferred, please clearly state what it is.
    • Do not submit attachments or graphics.
  4. Ensure that your organization's name and address are on the bottom of the email




Consider cross posting your position to Handshake, where in addition to having access to post your positions simultaneously to multiple campuses of your choice, you can register for our campus job fairs, set up interview schedules and search for qualified candidates!

Posting Timeline:

Posts submitted by recognized EdPost users with auto-approved status will be visible within moments and you will receive a confirmation email.

Posts submitted by new users will be manually reviewed and verified and take up to one week to be approved.

Thank you for following these instructions – and good luck with your hiring process!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for posting a job?

Edpost is a free service provided by St. Cloud State University to support our students and educational partners.


How long is the position posted?

The postings on EdPost will stay active for 7 days. Do not repost a position within this active period. 

How often can I post a position?

Each position should only be posted once every 7 days. Employers who post duplicate positions may be flagged to have every submission reviewed by an administrator, resulting in posting delays. 


I'm not receiving a confirmation e-mail like it states I would. Why?

First Time Poster: Confirmation posts are automatically triggered if you are already in the EdPost system. However, if you are a first-time user or submitting from a new email address, you will not receive an email confirmation. Please check the EdPost site for confirmation that your post is active within one week. 

Established Poster: The reason may be that your e-mail server sees the confirmations as spam because they are sent out automatically. You may want to check your spam or junk mail folder in your e-mail.


I am from a recruiting agency. Are there special requirements for me to post a job?

Yes! There are two criteria for 3rd party posting

  1. There may not be a fee to the applicant before, during or after the application process.
  2. You must clearly state in the job posting that you are a 3rd party recruiter and there is no fee to the applicants.


The job I want to post is not educational in nature. Where can I post it?

You may post the jobs through Handshake. This site is available to SCSU students and alumni, but you can request access to other institutions as well as contact other universities and colleges directly to inquire about advertising to their students and alumni.


How long does it take for the position to get posted after I send the e-mail?

First Time Poster: Your submission will be manually reviewed and verified before the posting will appear on the website. Please allow up to one week for your position to post.

Established Poster: Your submission will be visible within moments of submission.

I have several openings. Can I send them all in on email?

We suggest that if you have multiple positions with the same title, you only post once for those positions (ex: Elementary Teachers, 1st grade - MN city schools). However, we do not recommend that you include positions with different titles in one posting. Potential candidates may not be able to find positions that interest them if the subject/title doesn’t match the position.


When I looked at my posting, I noticed my automatic signature is included. Why?

Because anything that is in the body of the e-mail stays on the posting. Please remove your signature before sending your next submission.


I am looking for a nanny. Where can I post this position?

Postings from private households/individuals are not accepted. This is a precaution for the safety of all involved. An alternative site to consider to promote hiring needs is www.care.com as their site includes a wide variety of in-home job postings.