Instructions for Employers

The Career Center at St. Cloud State University is pleased to advertise your job openings for PreK-12 positions. Please read the following instructions to ensure that your jobs are accurately submitted so that they reach your intended job seekers.

  1. From your school email address, send an email to: EdPost@stcloudstate.edu, along with the subject.

    The SUBJECT line is very important and should start with the Job Title. followed by any indicators (9th grade, part-time) and the name of your school.

    Do not type in ALL CAPS. See below for correct and incorrect examples of the SUBJECT LINE.You may want to print this message for future reference:

    Chemistry Teacher, 9th Grade, Part-time (.5) – Johnson High School 9th Grade Chemistry Teacher, Part-time (.5) – Johnson High School
    Coach, Football, Head, .5 FTE – St. Cloud School District 742 Head Football Coach, .5 FTE – St. Cloud School District 742
    Elementary Education Teacher, 1st Grade – Burnsville School 1st Grade Elementary Education Teacher – Burnsville School
    Pre-school Teacher, 3-5 year old, Float, Temporary – Kiddie Care Float Pre-school Teacher, 3-5 year old, Temporary – Kiddie Care
    Guidance Counselor, Temporary, 1.0 FTE – Minnesota City School Temporary 1.0 Guidance Counselor – Minnesota City School
    Toddler Teacher, Assistant – Kiddie Care Assistant Toddler Teacher – Kiddie Care
    English Teacher, 7th Grade, Part-time (.75) – Blake High School Part-time English Teacher, 7th Grade) – Blake High School
    Principal, Elementary, .5 – Minnesota City School .5 Principal, Elementary – Minnesota City School
    Coach, Track (3 positions) – Hopkins High School 3 positions, Track Coach – Hopkins High School
    Band Teacher, Interim – Blake High School Interim Band Teacher – Blake High School
  2. Type the position description in the body of the email.

    • Only include what you want applicants to see
    • Remove your email signature if you do not want this included
    • Include a brief description of the position, qualifications sought, instructions on how to apply and the application deadline. If there is a degree/licensure required or preferred, please clearly state what it is.
    • DO NOT USE ATTACHMENTS OR GRAPHICS or your email will be rejected. Type the listing directly into the body of your e-mail or copy and paste it from your document. You can use bold and underline.

  3. Ensure that your organization's name and address are on the bottom of the email and review your posting before you submit it.

    Once submitted, it will be posted directly on EdPost and you can view it right away.

    If a correction needs to be made, please e-mail Pat Thielman at pethielman@stcloudstate.edu. Include the subject line of the posting and the date posted to ensure the edits are made to the correct posting.

Thank you for following these instructions – and good luck with your hiring process!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for posting a job?

Edpost is free for schools and school districts to post open positions and for anyone to view.

How long is the position posted?

The postings on EdPost will stay active for up to four weeks. See How can I extend the posting? for more information.

How can I get my posting deleted before the date in my confirmation?

Send an e-mail to Pat Thielman at pethielman@stcloudstate.edu. Please include the title of your posting, the date it was posted and when you would like it removed from the site.

How can I change a posting that I made?

Send an e-mail to Pat Thielman at pethielman@stcloudstate.edu and she will delete the original posting. Then, just e-mail the updated posting to EdPost. Please include the name of the posting and date posted to ensure proper deletion.

How can I extend the posting?

Email Pat Thielman at pethielman@stcloudstate.edu to remove it from the site. Please include the title of the posting and the date it was posted.

Then, resend your posting and it will be listed at the top of the job postings. It will be extended for an additional four weeks or until you request that it be taken down.

Should I mail or fax the posting as well?

No, at least not to St. Cloud State University. You may contact the other universities as they may prefer the postings to be mailed or faxed to them.

I'm not receiving a confirmation e-mail like it states I would. Why?

The reason may be that your e-mail server sees the confirmations as spam because they are sent out automatically. You may want to check your spam or junk mail folder in your e-mail.

I am from a recruiting agency. Are there special requirements for me to post a job?

Yes! We have two main requirements:

  1. There may not be a fee to the applicant before, during or after the application process.
  2. You must clearly state in the job posting that you are a third party recruiter and there is no fee to the applicants.

The job I want to post is not within a school or school district. Where can I post it?

You may post the jobs through Jobs for Huskies. This site is only available to SCSU students and alumni. You may contact other universities and colleges directly to inquire about advertising to their students and alumni.

How long does it take for the position to get posted after I send the e-mail?

If you have posted before, it is immediate.* You are making the actual posting and anything you write in the e-mail will be viewable on the website. If you don?t see it on the website within a day, please e-mail Pat Thielman at pethielman@stcloudstate.edu.. Include the posting title and the date it was sent.

* If this is your first time posting, your email address will have to be approved before the posting will appear on the website.

I have several openings. Can I send them all in on email?

Unless they are all the same position (ex: Elementary Teachers, 1st & 2nd grade - MN city schools), we ask that you post them separately. This way each of the positions you are hiring for will get equal exposure and will be listed in the alphabetical list with other jobs in that field of work. If you do not send them separately, they may not get seen if a job seeker is merely looking at the postings in alphabetical order and not doing a keyword search.

When I looked at my posting, I noticed my automatic signature is included. Why?

Because anything that is in the body of the e-mail stays on the posting. Please delete your signature before sending the e-mail. If you forget and need it removed from the posting, please e-mail Pat Thielman at pethielman@stcloudstate.edu and include the title of your posting and the date it was sent.

I am looking for a nanny. Where can I post this position?

Effective June 15, 2014, postings from private households/individuals will no longer be accepted. This is a precaution for the safety of all involved. An alternative site to consider to promote hiring needs is www.care.com as their site includes a wide variety of in-home job postings.

Why do I keep getting the confirmation saying that my posting included an attachment?

There are several possibilities. If you use a background, a graphic or document is attached and you could get this e-mail. The website doesn’t post any attachments because it can only interpret text. Therefore, when the web site can't interpret any part of the email, it sends out this confirmation. If you sent a Word, Adobe, etc. document please see the Employer Instruction #2 above. If you check the link in the confirmation e-mail to your posting and it looks fine, don’t worry about it. If the posting looks wrong and you did not attach the posting in a Word, Adobe, etc. format, please e-mail Pat Thielman at pethielman@stcloudstate.edu. Please include the title of the posting and the date it was sent.

I sent my posting yesterday, but I'm not seeing it listed on the website.

There are a few reasons why your position may not have been posted:

  1. The website will reject postings if the subject line isn't correct. The subject line should have the title of the position followed by the name of the organization.
  2. Our e-mail system has a gray list to keep out some spam. This also means that some legitimate e-mail senders may get caught in this, as well. Just resend your posting exactly as you had it and it should go through.
  3. Double check that you are sending the e-mail to the right e-mail address. Also check your e-mail to make sure it is in your sent box.

If you do resend the e-mail and it still doesn't post or you have further questions, please contact Pat Thielman at pethielman@stcloudstate.edu or 320-308-2152.

Can your office take the applications for my company?

No. The websites are available to over 20 colleges throughout Minnesota which means not everyone who wants to apply would have access to our office. The best way is for the applicants to apply directly with the company.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Pat Thielman at pethielman@stcloudstate.edu or 320-308-2152.